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Flexi Personal Loans

The Flexi Personal Loan is the best solution to all your loan requirements. Get as low as ₹1,300 up to ₹1,00,000 whenever you need it. Customize your loan to suit your requirements and choose a simple repayment plan to pay it back at your convenience. Cover all your expenses for the month with ease. You can avail the extra funds you need and use it to pay off utility bills, buy groceries, or even just to treat yourself.

Personal loans for Self-Employeds

Personal Loan for Self-Employed helps you in your entrepreneurial journey and any personal requirements based on your financial needs. You can choose a loan amount ranging from ₹5,000 to ₹1,50,000 and pick a flexible repayment plan to pay back your loan in easy EMIs. Whether you’re looking for capital to start a venture or you need to cover extra expenses incurred in the business you're building, you can get the loan you need with ease.

Personal Loan for Salaried

Personal Loan for Salaried allows you to manage your expenses even when you’re low on funds. If you have a minimum salary of ₹10,000, you can get an Instant Loan of up to ₹4 Lakhs hassle-free at any time. Cover normal expenses, extra monthly costs or simply treat yourself to something special, from mini-vacations to the latest electronics. Manage your finances better with quick and easy online loans.

Mortgage Loans

Greets visitors with a pop-up box inviting them to chat with a mortgage specialist. When they scroll down, they find a handy calculator that helps them estimate their mortgage payment. This adds value to the service and gives people an idea of what they might pay if they take out a loan from this lender.

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